Top Stories
Obesity, diabetes and the hunt for the glitches that cause them
Einstein and Montefiore fully embrace the information age
A Q&A with Dr. Steven K. Libutti
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Research Highlights
A new technology allows Einstein scientists to “see” messenger RNA translated into proteins
The crisis of benzodiazepine overdoses has been under the radar till now
A multimillion-dollar grant supports research into amyloid precursor protein processing
This year’s award-winning research centered on neural connections that govern mating
The topics: binding in transition-state analogs; word recall in men vs. women
The series is considered one of the nation’s most distinguished forums for scientific discourse
Dr. Kamran Khodakhah will also be a leader of the Brain Science Initiative
Four Ph.D. grads earned a valuable opportunity to showcase their accomplishments
Einstein researchers discovered the “niche” in the fetal liver where blood-forming stem cells originate
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Education Highlights
Dr. Vivek Murthy asks Einstein-Montefiore clinicians and students to help turn the tide
Competency criteria, curriculum reform and Match Day 2016

Montefiore Medicine’s CEO is on Modern Healthcare’s list of 50 influential physician executives
Einstein and Montefiore welcome a new faculty member
Ten years ago, Einstein became a research site for the Hispanic Community Health Study
This Einstein grad’s lifelong mission is to find the genes that cause velocardiofacial syndrome
Einstein has found the perfect place to display paintings by the famed artist Arthur Lidov
Remembering a beloved faculty member
Our large, airy space at the heart of the campus is a popular site for Einstein events

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Donor & Alumni News
Einstein alumni share their professional and personal news with friends and classmates
Honoring the Class of 1966
Science at the heart of medicine

Einstein’s Professional and Leadership Division hosted the 2016 gathering
The Einstein Women’s Division hosted the 62nd annual Spirit of Achievement event in May
The proceeds will help children, adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities
The two institutions presented educational events for friends and supporters in Palm Beach
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Einstein and Montefiore are joining forces on Big Data, brain science and other initiatives
The 1966 groundbreaking of the Rose F. Kennedy Center
Connecting the circulations of a young and an old mouse may reveal aging factors
Our director of student finance shows us what he thinks is beautiful